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Application for permission to place portable light signals on the Highway

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Application information

Please allow a minimum of 15 working days for processing/authorising applications.

Approval for temporary traffic signal placement and timings does not constitute approval for the works to proceed. Before any work can take place on the highway the appropriate street works office must be informed and the appropriate notices fully completed to the required timescales to allow coordination of work to take place and enable any disruption to be minimised.

Applicants are advised to read the guidance notes before completing this form. Please use this Stage Diagram and Timing Matrix template or Temporary signalised crossing timing sheet along with an appropriate scale map, both of which are required to be submitted electronically to complete the application. If you cannot submit these plans electronically, please print out and complete the paper application form as detailed in the guidance notes.

Please note that you have a maximum of 20 minutes on each page of the application form before the form times out. If you need to extend the time, simply press the 'Next' button to move on a page and then the 'Previous' button to return to the previous page.