Travel Needs Assessment

Dear Parent/Guardian

In order to assess what assistance should be provided, we need to collect further information about your child. Therefore, please can you read through the information on the webform and complete with as much detail as possible.

This information will also be shared with transport providers so that we can keep your child safe on the journey. For further information about transport policy please see

It is important that this information is completed and returned to us, otherwise we will not be able to start any form of travel assistance or provide it in the safest way.

School travel assistance can be provided in different ways:

  1. Travel allowance – Where we pay you a mileage rate to provide the transport
  2. Bus or train pass – With or without some initial travel training so that your child knows how to travel independently using public transport
  3. Taxi/minibus – Normally shared with other passengers and is only available if there is no other way of getting to school.
  • Transport is likely to be shared with other students and therefore the journey time will reflect this. Whenever possible journey times will be no more than 45 minutes for primary age and 1 hour 15 minutes for secondary aged students, however this is rare and only a guideline,the efficiency of the transport provision is the principle factor.
  • The transport operator will advise you of the expected collection time in the morning. Please be ready for the transport in plenty of time, look out for the vehicle and accompany your child to the transport, as the transport staff should not leave the vehicle to do so.
  • There must be someone at home for your child to be handed over to at the end of the day. We cannot leave your child if someone is not there, so please provide at least one emergency contact number in case the transport staff need to call someone.
  • All transport staff are checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service and should wear an identity badge issued by the County Council. You can ask to see this badge.
  • CCTV, including dash cams, may be used on some vehicles.
  • Transport may sometimes run late – please wait for 15 minutes after any expected time before ringing to see what has happened. If you have given a contact number to the driver then they may be able to call you to warn of any delays.

If there are any changes to your circumstances, please can you let us know as soon as possible by completing the form on our website

If you have any concerns or questions about transport, please contact our customer service centre on 0344 800 8020, or email

Yours sincerely,

Niki Park

Head of passenger Transport

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