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Application to construct a domestic/light duty vehicular access (footway/verge crossing)

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Important Information

To proceed with your online Application to Construct a Domestic/Light Duty Vehicular Access (Footway/Verge Crossing) you must have first read the guidance document Vehicle Access Crossing: - Guidance. (please tick) *

If you are a tenant or leaseholder you must provide written consent from the property owner that the works may be undertaken. A copy of the consent can be uploaded into the form.

To complete this form you will need to provide the following information which can be uploaded into the form:-

A detailed sketch/plan or photograph(s) showing the layout and position of the proposed access including all dimensions. Show lamp columns, trees, manholes, watercourses and other similar obstructions on the sketch/plan/photograph(s). If porous material is not being used to the surface of the adjacent driveway show appropriate proposed drainage system. The diagram below shows a typical layout for a vehicle crossing, as viewed from above your house dimensions a to f need to be shown on your sketch/plan/photograph(s) of the proposed access and parking area.

Diagram showing which measurements should be taken
  1. Distance from the house to the public footpath (front garden length) must be a minimum of 4.8 metres or 6 metres if parking area is in front of a garage or door
  2. Distance from the far left of the property to the upper left corner of the crossing (length of your front left fence, if you have one)
  3. Width of the upper part of the crossing (normally 2.75 metres)
  4. Distance from the upper right corner of the crossing to the far right of the property (length of your front right fence, if you have one)
  5. Width of the lower part of the crossing (normally 3.66 metres)
  6. Width of verge / footway

Please note that you should not arrange for work to be carried out on your property in anticipation of permission being granted for a vehicle crossover. Work should only commence upon receiving written approval.